Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Many of our summer plans have either been cancelled or rescheduled for 2021. But with holiday companies starting to get back up and running, will you be considering planning a holiday with friends or family this year?

UK vs Abroad!

The big question is, if you’re considering taking the plunge and planning to go away, will it be for a UK break or an abroad-adventure! Whether you’ve booked or are thinking to, there are plenty of essentials you can pick up from the centre to ensure you’re prepped for your last-minute hols! Pop to Fashion Avenue or Clarks and pick-up those sun-ready or by-the-pool outfits and sandals. Check out Savers for those mini-sized shampoos and conditioners too! (They’re our fave!)

Plus, if you have little ones that want a few funky accessories to dress up with while away, pop to Claire’s to choose coloured scrunchies, bangles and bandanas! They’ll love to play their part in what they can wear on their holi-bobs!

Holiday Bag Essentials

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Stress. Excitement. And a little more stress! We get it, it’s natural to have mixed feelings about packing for your holiday, so we’re here to make things super simple for you… We want you to have everything ticked off, so we’ve created you a mini list of what you’ll need to pack away.

  • The Docs – Yep, this covers your currency, passport, boarding passes etc)
  • The Toiletries –Your deodorants, shampoos and conditioners – you know, the basic bits!)
  • Sun Cream!! – Even if you’re taking a break in the UK, if it gets sunny, you’ll still need a little to protect from the rays.
  • Electronics – Remember, if you’re headed overseas, you may need an adapter or travel hairdryer. Check out Gadget Solution
  • The Accessories – Have some fun with it! Sun hats, mini-cup holders for the pool and a selfie stick to snap some memories!

We recommend popping to the centre and picking up a few magazines, wordsearch books and reading material for the kids too – just so there’s enough entertainment while travelling to your destination! These can be picked up from The Works or WHSmith, so you have plenty of options.

Destination: Beauty

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We’re not sure about you, but some of us love to get a fresh coat of polish on our nails, or a new bag of beauty products to feel prepped and ready for that sun-kissed glow! Head back to Savers to stock up on a few nice things (maybe even a new makeup bag), just ‘cos you deserve it.

For all the latest opening info, check out this post on our website and stay in touch!