Summer Reads

Aug 2, 2023

Our Top 5 Beach Reads for You This Summer! 

Summer is finally here, and we’ve picked the best 5 books for you to read from Waterstones. Whether you’ll be relaxing by the beach, or in a lounge chair in your garden, these books are a MUST for your summer 2023! 

‘It Starts with Us’ by Colleen Hoover (£7.99) 

After completely taking over TikTok with ‘It Ends with Us’, Colleen Hoover is back with a sequel to her heartbreaking tale of lost loves and second chancesIt Starts with Us picks up right where the epilogue for the bestselling phenomenon It Ends with Us left off. Revealing more about Atlas’s past and following Lily as she embraces a second chance at true love while navigating a jealous ex-husband, Ryle. This book, undoubtedly, proves that ‘no one delivers an emotional read like Colleen Hoover’ (Anna Todd, bestselling author), and definitely needs to be added to your book read list this summer! 

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’ by Gabrielle Zevin (£8.49) 

This heartwarming tale of human connection, creativity, and collaboration as two children, Sam and Sadie, who meet in a hospital go on to pursue their dreams and identities through the production of video games, is a story you do not want to miss. This special friendship brings joy, escape, fierce competition, but all too soon, that time is over, and they must return to their normal lives. When the pair then spot each other eight years later in a crowded train station the spark is immediate, and together they get to work on what they love – creating virtual worlds to delight, challenge and immerse. 

‘The Murder Game’ by Tom Hindle (£7.49) 

This one is for the thrill seekers! One house. Nine Guests. Endless motives for murder…   A 1920s-themed murder mystery evening in a country house gets uncomfortably realistic in this delicious closed-community thriller. The evening takes a quick turn when one guest is found dead just after the game has begun. Someone is playing by their own rules, and in a close-knit community, old rivalries run deep…   

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels’ by India Holton (£9.99) 

Bridgerton meets Peaky Blinders in this joyous, TikTok-conquering period romp featuring a society of criminal gentlewomen, ruthless assassins, and forbidden love. Holton shows that these are no ordinary Victorian lady’s as they spend their days pickpocketing and blackmailing their way around before going for their afternoon tea. But Cecelia world is set to change forever when she meets Ned Lightbourne, as he’s a paid assassin, and she’s his next hit. But Ned is faced with a conundrum when he lays eyes on the feisty, beautiful Cecilia: does he kill her… or fall in love with her?  

‘Happy Place’ by Emily Henry (£12.99) 

Two exes. One pact. Could this holiday change everything? Harriet and Wyn are the perfect couple – they go together like bread and butter, gin and tonic, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Except, now they don’t. They broke up six months ago, and they still haven’t told anyone. On their yearly gateway with friends, they fake their relationship for one more week, so their friends don’t realise. But howcan you pretend to be in love with someone – and get away with it – in front of the people who know you best? Read this gloriously feelgood novel to find out!  

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