Jul 3, 2024

Whether you’ve got a long plane ride this summer, or you plan to soak up the sun in the garden, a good book will be sure to keep you company wherever and whatever you’re doing, so we’ve picked our favourite teen reads to keep your brain working over the break! 📚

First up – for romance-lovers – Happy Place by Emily Henry is a perfect summer read and has received a rating of 4.5 stars from Waterstones. In this summertime fiction story, we follow Harriet and Wyn: a ‘perfect couple’ who are trying to hide their recent breakup from friends on their last holiday. This book is described as having ‘authentically drawn characters and heart-wrenching entanglements.’ This book definitely has a plot to keep you hooked all summer! ☀🌸

Happy Place – Emily Henry – £7.99

Now, if sci-fi novels are for you and you enjoyed the release of the Dune 2 movie earlier this year – why not read the book too? Dune follows life on a fictional planet where colonies across space fight for the land and resources with futuristic technology. With incredible worldbuilding and plot twists, Dune is sure to have your eyes glued to the pages for days! 🌙🌎

Dune – Frank Herbert – £9.99

If complex worlds and storylines aren’t your thing, try this shortlisted Book of the Year: Page-turner story Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. This is a coming-of-age novel which explores platonic friendship and adventure as we follow Sam and Sadie growing into fame – but in this case, with fame comes betrayal. This book calls to videogame lovers, so if that’s you, then this story is perfect! 🎮🎲

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow – Gabrielle Zevin – £8.49

You can shop for all of these in Waterstones today! ✨