Waste Management

  • Our customer service team recycle tenants’ cardboard and plastic.  Our waste contractor have a policy of 100% recycling of our other waste.
  • Battery recycling facilities are available in side Wilko.
  • Climate Change and Energy Management
  • The Centre has an ongoing programme of conventional lighting replacement to Led.

Lighting is controlled via time clocks, photo-electric cells and movement detectors where applicable.  Socket outlets in public areas are locked to prevent unauthorised use and for safety purposes.

  • Under- utilised equipment is switched off when not in use.


  • All radiators are individually thermostatically controlled.

Water Management

  • Internal supplies are metered as are external supplies which are also locked secure when not in use.
  • Water Taps inside the public conveniences have recently been replaced with push taps


All initiatives are communicated to tenants via e-newsletters and retailer meeting. All centre staff are aware of the importance of suitability and best practice. This is periodically reviewed and further training is issued where applicable