Take time out to relax during lockdown

May 14, 2020

As lockdown enters week 8 (we think?) are you finding this enforced time together relaxing or tiring? According to recent You Gov figures, 87% of us think we are coping pretty well, although 25% felt it was putting a strain on their relationship.  So, if you’re looking for new ways to find a little me-time away from it all, look no further.

Just chill

Even though we are confined to a much smaller space than we are used to, it is possible to create a special place in the house or garden to just chill. Treat yourself to a comfy chair from Wilko, new fluffy cushions from Claire’s plus the perfect Wilko footstool and treat yourself to some new books and your favourite music from WHSmith for the perfect lockdown relaxation playlist. It’s all about recognising the need to walk away from work/family/the phone and taking a little time out before moving onto the next task.

Find a new relaxation routine

Many of us have found time to add one hour of permitted exercise into our lives. Whether it’s a gentle walk around the block, a vigorous jog or a speedy bike ride, it’s all good news for our mental health.  Exercise reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, and stimulates endorphins in the brain that act as natural painkillers and mood enhancers. So now the one hour restriction has been lifted, you have all day to watch some inspiration from Sports Direct before you get going.

Pamper yourself

Online sales of toiletries have increased, showing that with non-essential stores closed, many of us have rushed to order that special moisturiser, bubble bath or face pack. Good to see that taking care of our skin and looking good is still high on the agenda. Check out the latest natural beauty products from Holland & Barrett and bath and body gift sets from Savers.

Learn to paint

From getting DIY tasks done around the house to enjoying the challenge of painting by numbers, we seem to have been getting creative. With shopping centres managing socially distanced queues outside Wilko, high sales of children’s colouring pencils from The Works and local schoolchildren from Long Riding Primary School hitting the pavements with chalked and painted messages to celebrate keyworkers on the frontline, there is plenty of evidence that the nation’s artistic skills are on the rise. The perfect way to relax the brain after a busy day.

This picture from Long Riding Primary School was submitted to Inyourarea.co.uk by Louise Day

We hope to see you at Baytree Shopping Centre again soon, but in the meantime, please stay safe, keep healthy and stay in touch!