Get back to exercise

Get back to exercise

January might be the typical month for New Years resolutions and work out commitments, but as the summer holidays come to a close, September is a perfect time to get back into healthy habits. With the kids back to school, the return of weekly routines and work commitments, make sure to incorporate time for exercise into your busy schedules! Grab that new gym membership this September and start working on healthy habits.

Here are some ideas to help you stay motivated:

  1. Have a plan.

When life starts to get busy, make sure to schedule time for the gym so it doesn’t get forgotten or overlooked! It can be easy to miss a workout if you are not creating the time for yourself, so make sure to have an hour or two booked in the calendar each week. Not only is it helpful to spend time away from the chaos of a busy week at home, but a good workout can help you focus better and reduce stress.

  1. Reward yourself.

Recognize the small wins in your fitness journey, such as a new PR in the gym, your longest run or fastest swim so far – It is encouraging and motivating to see the development in your fitness journey.

  1. Little and often.

The NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity, which equates to half an hour of activity 5 days a week. Pop to the gym for a quick workout after work or go for a run to wake up before the day starts, but do not feel guilty if you can’t spend long in the gym! A short workout is always better than no workout. Take it easy when you first return to the gym, otherwise you will burn out.

  1. Involve the family.

Now that your weekdays are filled with work and school, it is important to still find time at the weekends to bond as a family. Why not go to the gym together, or take a fitness class as a family? Not only are you spending time together, but you are promoting healthy habits and traditions that will continue to benefit them in the future.


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Self-care tips

Self-care tips

This Mental health awareness week, we’re highlighting the importance of looking after your mental health here at The Baytree. We all know that life can feel a bit much sometimes and keeping positive can seem like the hardest thing, but it’s so important to remember to put yourself first. So we’ve put together a list of our top 5 ways to help you along with any mental health struggles, and for those days when you’re not quite feeling like your best self.

Art Therapy

Using art to express your creative side can have a lot of benefits to your mental health. Even if you don’t think of yourself to be that artistic- it can be very therapeutic and really help you to wind down and relax. Psychologist, Carl Jung suggested colouring in mandalas as a way to relax and help with mental health. He noticed that it has a calming effect whilst also helping to process your emotions. So grab yourself some colouring pens and put some time aside one evening to have a go, and see what a difference it can make.


Exercise is one of the best things you can do to combat stress and it has been linked to combating symptoms of depression and anxiety. Putting your body through physical stress can help with the relief of mental stress immensely and those who exercise regularly are less likely to induce stress as it lowers the bodies stress hormones in the long run, such as cortisol. When exercising, your body releases endorphins, which is what will help to uplift your mood. Stress and anxiety can have a big negative impact on the quality of your sleep so exercise will also play a huge part in the improvement of your sleep quality. (And who here doesn’t love their sleep?)

Taking on regular ways to exercise can also tend to have a positive impact on your confidence, mentally and physically. Even something as simple as getting in a brisk walk during your lunch hour will end up being hugely beneficial. And with summer just round the corner, now’s a better time to start than any!

Step outdoors

Spending time in nature has been found to help with problems in mental health such as anxiety and depression. Research into ecotherapy (a type of formal treatment which involves doing activities outside in nature) has shown it can help with mild to moderate depression. This might be due to combining regular physical activity and social contact with being outside in nature and getting a source of vitamin D. Being outside in natural light can also be helpful if you suffer with symptoms brought on with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression that affects people during certain times of the year.

Talk to someone

One of the most important things to remember when caring for your mental health is to recognise when you’re not feeling yourself and to know when to ask for help. There is no shame in admitting your feelings and the sooner you admit it to yourself, the sooner you can confide in someone for support if you’re feeling low or stressed (we all get like it). It’s important to know in yourself that you have a support system for when you go through the rough patches that everyone does or if you feel like you’re facing bigger problems mentally and need to go to a GP for expert advice and get the professional help that you need.


Aromatherapy isn’t just about nice smells that help you sleep better or boost your mood, aromatherapy uses essential oils as an aid for a range of physical, emotional, and mental health purposes. They’re made from various plant parts, such as roots, seeds, leaves and blossoms. For example, ylang ylang, chamomile and clary slange might help you battle anxiety and insomnia. Whilst rosemary and geranium might be useful when your mood needs a bit of an uplift. Inhalation is probably the most well-known method when it comes to using aromatherapy for mental and emotional health but using essential oils in a bubble bath for a pamper evening or using them during a massage session that you’ve roped your partner into will work too.

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Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Start your day with your favourite cuppa!

What’s your current go-to hot treat? A flat white? Cappuccino? Hot chocolate? Or perhaps you just fancy a milkshake, it is summer after all!

Popping to your local shopping centre gives you the perfect excuse to grab your favourite cuppa. Why not visit Hey Joe Music who serve up a selection of deliciously hot and ice-cold refreshing drinks with an eclectic music collection to sift through – it’s the perfect place for a quick pick me up whilst in the centre.

Food for thought?

With most of us having been stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, our eating habits have changed. Meals out have been impossible, and we’ve all been having to create a week’s worth of interesting family dishes from home. So, if you’re not quite yet ready to dine out, but need some inspiration, then we have plenty of ideas to help you cook up a treat in the kitchen.

If you’re on the health trail then visit Holland and Barrett. Leaders in health and wellbeing, their selection of healthy and nutritious food and drink are ideal for healthy snacking.

Or perhaps you want to spice things up with a new recipe or two? The Works and WHSmith both have a huge selection of celebrity chef cook books to inspire mouth-watering menus. If you want to get some new kitchen utensils, baking accessories or create some fun cocktails, Wilkos have an incredible kitchen and dining range that will keep your creative cooking juices flowing all summer.

Whether you’re ready to dine out and have a taste of what feels like normality, or bursting with excitement to check out the latest summer specials in our stores, you’ll find shopping at Baytree, a safe and secure experience.

For all the latest retailer opening times, click here.

Carve out a summer of fun

Carve out a summer of fun

Summer Is Not Cancelled!

With Wimbledon cancelled for the first time since WWII, and Glastonbury missing its 50th birthday celebrations, we’re all feeling a bit low about this summer. But never fear, we’ve put our thinking hats on and we’re here to tell you how you can recreate some of the fun and excitement at home…kind of:

Game, Set, Match!

With no Wimbledon this year (sad times) you can still recreate your own slice of The Championships! Are your whites looking a little grey? Has that racket seen better days? No need to have a John McEnroe tantrum, you can straight head to Sports Direct and grab yourself some stylish tennis attire. New balls please!

Perhaps it’s not so much about the game but the experience? If you fancy a picnic in the park or garden with some juicy strawberries (cream is optional), chilled Robinsons squash or a glass of Pimm’s – you can grab all the coolest picnicware you need from Wilkos whilst you soak up the summer sun.

If you’re missing the game itself then we have a sneaky feeling that the BBC will be showing some classic replays to recreate that atmosphere.

Glastonbury Glory Days

Gutted about missing Glastonbury? We’re here to help ease the disappointment. Forget the camping and simply set up a sound system in your front room. The Works has a selection of Bluetooth speakers for you to play the best music from bands who have appeared at Glastonbury over the years.

No festival is complete without the frenzy of festival fashion – to get the latest make up trends, head to Claire’s online or Savers either online or instore for your one stop festival glam shop. We can almost guarantee it’s bound to feel like you’re at Glastonbury, and at least you won’t have to queue for the toilets!

Missing the Beautiful Game?

With no Euro Championships, you can still get involved from the comfort of your home. Wear your team kit, you can buy the latest team kits at Sports Direct, put up the flag bunting (check out ), get in the snacks and watch all the re-runs you can find on TV.

If that gets you in the mood for a game, you can set up goal posts in the garden or park to recreate your favourite goals or run a Subbuteo tournament for the whole family. You’ll find the latest equipment at Sports Direct and after 90 minutes you could even add some in extra time and teach yourself or your kids a new European language – WHSmith has a selection of self-taught language phrase books.

Instead of an Olympic summer of sport, it’s time to set your own Olympic challenges: obstacle races, high jumps, long jumps, races around the block, football, tennis – you name it, why not try and do one different sport every day as a family? We recommend the following stores to get your own Olympics off to a winning start…

Whatever your summer feels or looks like, we can guarantee that Baytree Shopping Centre will offer you all the latest in retail and with more shops starting to re-open we hope to see you back here soon to bag a bargain. In the meantime, please stay safe and keep in touch!

Let’s celebrate all Dads!

Let’s celebrate all Dads!

Fathers Day

We understand that days like Father’s Day can be difficult for many, and this year even more so. Our sympathies are with anyone who has lost a loved one at any time.

So, come Sunday 21st June 2020 we would like to encourage a bit of a celebration of all Dads, whether they are here or have sadly passed on.

Take a trip down memory lane

With a little bit more lockdown time on our hands, perhaps a trip down memory lane would be a nice idea? How about digging out some old family photos to reminisce over zoom, or to show your kids some of their distant relations? And if you spot a classic why not turn it into a Father’s Day gift, mounted in a frame or as a printed keepsake?  For photo gift ideas why not head to The Works or WHSmiths to re-create that special family album.

Sports mad Dad?

Maybe your Dad or Grandad has a favourite sport or hobby? As Sports Direct are currently offering 20% off all full price items until midnight on 18th June (using code SUMMER20) you can have a good look around for inspiration. WHSmith also has the latest award-winning sport biographies, such as Tyson Fury’s ‘Behind the Mask: My Autobiography’ – search for his sporting hero here. If you are remembering something your Dad used to love, and passing skills down the family, look no further for inspiration on popular hobbies than The Works

Make sure he puts his feet up

Most importantly, if Sunday is usually set aside for Dad chores, you know, cleaning the car, mowing the lawn (in which case, check out the latest gardening equipment at Wilko then make sure he puts his feet up with a cuppa and his favourite “dunking” biscuit as he sits and admires his annual Fathers’ Day socks!

Make your own card

We’ve put together 6 designs for you to choose from, print at home and colour in for Dad.

Download here

Whatever your Dad or Grandad is deserving of this Father’s Day, Baytree Shopping Centre wishes you a great day of celebration, and with more shops beginning to re-open we hope to see you back here soon. In the meantime, please stay safe, keep healthy and stay in touch!

Take time out to relax during lockdown

Take time out to relax during lockdown

As lockdown enters week 8 (we think?) are you finding this enforced time together relaxing or tiring? According to recent You Gov figures, 87% of us think we are coping pretty well, although 25% felt it was putting a strain on their relationship.  So, if you’re looking for new ways to find a little me-time away from it all, look no further.

Just chill

Even though we are confined to a much smaller space than we are used to, it is possible to create a special place in the house or garden to just chill. Treat yourself to a comfy chair from Wilko, new fluffy cushions from Claire’s plus the perfect Wilko footstool and treat yourself to some new books and your favourite music from WHSmith for the perfect lockdown relaxation playlist. It’s all about recognising the need to walk away from work/family/the phone and taking a little time out before moving onto the next task.

Find a new relaxation routine

Many of us have found time to add one hour of permitted exercise into our lives. Whether it’s a gentle walk around the block, a vigorous jog or a speedy bike ride, it’s all good news for our mental health.  Exercise reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, and stimulates endorphins in the brain that act as natural painkillers and mood enhancers. So now the one hour restriction has been lifted, you have all day to watch some inspiration from Sports Direct before you get going.

Pamper yourself

Online sales of toiletries have increased, showing that with non-essential stores closed, many of us have rushed to order that special moisturiser, bubble bath or face pack. Good to see that taking care of our skin and looking good is still high on the agenda. Check out the latest natural beauty products from Holland & Barrett and bath and body gift sets from Savers.

Learn to paint

From getting DIY tasks done around the house to enjoying the challenge of painting by numbers, we seem to have been getting creative. With shopping centres managing socially distanced queues outside Wilko, high sales of children’s colouring pencils from The Works and local schoolchildren from Long Riding Primary School hitting the pavements with chalked and painted messages to celebrate keyworkers on the frontline, there is plenty of evidence that the nation’s artistic skills are on the rise. The perfect way to relax the brain after a busy day.

This picture from Long Riding Primary School was submitted to by Louise Day

We hope to see you at Baytree Shopping Centre again soon, but in the meantime, please stay safe, keep healthy and stay in touch!